Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Honey Hunters, plus all you need to cook & grill

Settle into your favorite chair and enjoy this epic honey hunting adventure from Michael Snyder. Courtesy Lucky Peach and Longreads comes this tale of one of the most ancient food gathering techniques still practiced by humankind. I am excited to share The Honey Hunters:

It was morning, ebb tide, when our launch slid up to the shore—shiny and metallic and unstable as mercury—and stuck its nose resolutely into the mud. Felt clouds sulked overhead, temporary protection from the blazing April sun. The honey collectors hopped one by one down onto the shore, which swallowed them up to their calves before releasing a thick, flatulent squelch.

- - -

  • Why do honeybees die when they sting? Remember, they only sting when threatened, unlike wasps (jerks).
  • This is a WOW! link: 22 kitchen cheat sheets/guides - if you don't cook or grill at home, you now have absolutely no excuse. Thanks,!
  • Finally, since it's football season, here's some vital equipment that makes tailgate grilling so much easier - grills:

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