Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Bees, Colony Collapse Disorder and the answers to "so what?"

While I work on a larger project for BBQHoney (which I hope to reveal in the New Year), I thought I'd pass along some stuff I've been saving regarding our friends, the bees.

Colony Collapse Disorder is real and it is bad. It is estimated that between one third and over half of US bee colonies have vanished within the past 20 years. So what, you say? Yeah, I don't like getting stung either, but I also enjoy eating food. So I'll put up with the occasional backyard picnic ouchie and support efforts to ensure bee colonies thrive.

Why? Here's three things to read (don't worry - they're not long):

From TEDBlog:
What is it about bees? Three experts on why they’re fascinating, why they’re dying, what can save them

From Food & Wine:
Five things you definitely should know about honey and bees

From Fast Company:
Why The Federal Government Is Bailing Out Honeybees

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